Top channels to publish a podcast in 2021

Congratulations on finishing your podcast! You might think that listening to the final audio file is the final step in what can be a lengthy...

Pass It On

An initiative to utilise the nearly one million New Zealanders living overseas, as a network of virtual ambassadors, has been launched.

The Electronic Music Production Series has started!

Delicious Music and Tron Audio presents The Electronic Music Production Series.

Netball: A night with the Canterbury Tactix and the Sydney Swift

Thanks to my lovely wife Erin, from Convergence who has a court side table at all home matches for the Canterbury Tactix, we were invited to...

Tandem's documentary Citizen Solider screening ANZAC day

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning - war memorials and remembrance in Christchurch.

The latest at Tandem

It’s April in the twenty-tens already and we feel like we’re sitting atop a highly-tuned Harley rather than a tandem built for two!

Case Study: Richard Dawkins podcast

Tandem Studios was proud to collaborate with the Christchurch Press recently to bring you Richard Dawkins' lecture held recently at the town...