Old podcast news articles re-discovered


Since the early 2000's, Dave Dunlay's house in Lyttelton has been slowly accruing many of Tandem's old equipment and memorabilia, either through his general interest or from becoming obselete and unusable to the crew. His garage is home to many bits of 'historical' technology, including computers, microphones and endless cables, so when we say he's dedicated to the business of audio and video production, we really mean it.

Recently Dave has turned up some old newspaper articles from the time of pre-earthquakes, which shine an interesting light of how Tandem grew to what it is today and how the world of podcasting started out. 

Dave was interviewed in 2005 by the National Business Review in an article about the introduction of podcasting. The article claimed that "many internet observers sense another major media shift is afoot", which we can all agree has now definetly become the case as podcasts are now an everyday form of entertainment. 

"The key now is to become familar with it, see who's interested in it...and to experiment with content". 

In 2006, Dave was featured in the NZ Herald's discussing Tandem (then 'The Voice Booth') partnering up with some international media organisations to produce a new podcast series interviewing NZ's key politicians.

"With podcasting, we've got that Don Brash interview on our website available to download by anybody anywhere in the world for the entire election campaign," he says. "Kiwis anywhere around the globe can hear our political interviews."

'Dunlay is "blown away" by the interest in political podcasts and says the site has had more than 200,000 hits since August 12.' (just over a week after this article was published). 

The rise in podcasting over the years has seen many more creators and genres coming to play in this area, which Tandem Studios continues to be a main leader of in New Zealand. 

We've produced countless other podcasts since this article was released, including #Goodchat co-produced with 2 Degrees looking into how Kiwi's communicate, Ageing for Beginners with Dr Doug and Dave discussing how to age well, and most recently Canterbury Business: The Lowdown, chatting with some of Christchurch's key figures about the COVID-19 impact on the recovering city.

"Black Hands: The Bain Family Murders", co-produced by Tandem Studios and Stuff, continues to be one of the highest ranked podcasts in New Zealand, and was also number 1 in the UK during its release.

Tandem continues to produce all types of podcasts with our valued clients, now virtually while we can't be there in-person during the lockdown, something we would not have been able to do when this article was published!

It's always interesting to see how media progresses through time, no doubt we'll be looking back at this article in many years reviewing how things have changed again.