Connected to Social Media - SiSoMo


Sight, sound and motion or ‘SiSoMo’ (a phrase that was coined by New Zealander Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi) is king when it comes to making your website a success.

Research has shown that 70 per cent of people will push play immediately if there is a video clip on a website’s home page. But it’s not enough for it to just be there, it needs to be interesting, engaging and informing. Don’t waste the viewer’s time with something boring. It also needs to be short, less than two minutes long ideally. The aim is that anyone watching the video learns something.

Here are five kinds of video you could have on your website:
1/ Introductions to key staff
2/ An insider’s view of your business
3/ Product demonstrations e.g. how to assemble and/or use your products
4/ A video seminar that gives people some useful information
5/ A video blog about company news or events
Top tip:
If you have something to say that takes longer than two minutes make several short videos rather than one long one.
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