Getting the most out of social media


How do I get the most out of social media? 

Using social media is just like using any other marketing and promotional tool – it works best with a clear set of specific objectives up front and relevant and realistic ways of measuring the success of the plans that you implement. You wouldn’t launch a print advertising campaign without a plan and the same applies to social media. Here are five points to consider when putting your social media plan together.
1/ Who is your target market?
2/ What social media channels do they use?
3/ What targets or goals do you want to achieve?
4/ Who will mange the social media and track results?
5/ Create a content plan that informs, connects and engages, then implement

Top tip

Once you’ve put your social media plan together check in with a provider or 'hardcore regular' that operates in the social media space and ask if what you’re planning is achievable. 
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