Social media is not just Facebook


There’s more to social media than Facebook!

If you put last month’s top tip into practice you will have discovered that there’s more to social media than Facebook. If YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the blogosphere are all foreign terms, then consider the following five reasons why you should know about a range of social media formats, not just Facebook:  

1/ LinkedIn is the number one pre-employment checking tool for recruitment specialists.
2/ YouTube’s viral functions - “share this video” and “tell a friend" Youtube functions are automatically added at the end of each video, making each video simple to share.
3/ Pinterest is a social discovery network, but it's not a platform for self-promotion. Rather than broadcasting what the company is doing, small business owners can ‘crowdsource’ and create highly visual pinboards for inspiration.
4/ Twitter is a great platform for projecting what your company is doing and accessing a large audience, and it’s easy.
5/ The right combination of social media, advertising and a marketing plan can really take your brand to the next level.
For a beginner’s guide to the top five social media platforms go to our blog on “Social media for beginners” at

Top tip:

Google your business or organisation and look at which social media platforms pop up first in your results. Is this the first impression you want to give?
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- Dave Dunlay, Tandem Studios