Online Customer Service


Connected to Social Media

Many businesses tell me that they don’t want to be involved in social media because they are afraid of negative online comments. But engaging with your customers online can be a really powerful way to deliver excellent customer service. If an issue pops up in a social media forum such as Facebook it’s important to acknowledge the issue straight away, deal with the issue quickly and communicate the resolution of the complaint – all in the same forum where the initial complaint was made. This provides a lasting example of how you took the issue seriously and dealt with it effectively.

Here are five ways to use social media to deliver great customer service:

1/ Respond and resolve issues transparently
2/ Provide information
3/ Offer customer rewards
4/ Get constant customer feedback
5/ Provide regular, timely updates

Top tip

Deal with an online customer complaint just as you would if the customer came into your business i.e. efficiently and in a friendly manner. Then close the loop by reporting back on what you’ve done to resolve the problem.
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Dave Dunlay, Tandem Studios